shoddy journalism and situational irony

Die Mär von der "No-go-Area" (DE)

I guess this piece in Die Welt would have been ironic if the author had been hit over the head with a bottle while interviewing in Waldsieversdorf. Even if it isn’t ironic, it’s funny that the first person interviewed in the article has his name spelled incorrectly twice. So while the author/intern/editor apparently can’t bother to fact check or didn’t understand how to spell his name, we are supposed to believe that this person being interviewed can’t pronounce the name of a town with which he must be somewhat familiar. And it’s supposed to be funny. (Or maybe I’m supposed to believe he can’t pronounce his own name either?)

What a serious topic. Why aren’t more of these race articles hilarious? I needed a giggle at paragraph 2.

Right. This reminds me of the Michael Crichton’s speech about the Gell-Mann Amnesia effect. If I didn’t know better, I could have almost maybe in another lifetime on another planet believed it.

I would hope that most journalists writing about a serious topic would simply clarify something they did not understand rather than publishing something unintelligible for laughs.


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