lovely plateau ladies

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On a sunny day on the Plateau, by Mont Royal Metro station, I ran across these three lovely ladies. I think they wanted us to recycle. Little did they know we had just arrived from Germany. Of course we recycle.

Things I need to stop doing now that I’m not in Germany at the moment:

Don’t answer the phone by saying my last name. If Bell Canada was actually anywhere near efficient this would be problematic. Luckily I’ll have time to work on this one; our phone connection probably won’t be set up any time soon.

Using English when I feel like it. Despite Montreal’s much touted bilingualism, no one is trying to practice their English a la German way. The mailman looked at me like I had 5 heads and two tails when I said hello. Then he just rattled something off in an incomprehensible mumble.

Eating imported cheese. How a francophone "nation" can have such expensive cheese products is beyond me…

Things I can still do:

Go to the park every day. La Fontaine is the new Hasenheide.

Other notes to self:

Take Midnight Poutine food recommendations very seriously.

Next time say goodbyes BEFORE leaving the country for an extended time period. Oh well…


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