berlin retrospective: baby edition

The reason why I never manage to post anymore (no it has nothing to do with Facebook, leave me alone).

French people on Bergmannstrasse
Yea if you have a kid, you have to go to Prenzlauerberg. It’s like all bobo – and they all have kids. I swear go there and you’ll see.

Geburtshaus Kreuzberg
I skillfully avoided people who had nothing positive to say about deciding to deliver at a birthing center. I ignored the people who looked at me crazily with a big WHY? written across their faces. Yes I knew beforehand there were going to be no doctors and no pain relief. I survived and all went well. The midwives at the Geburtshaus were amazing – before, during, and after. And they are for the most part Kreuzbergers. I see them by the canal, on K√∂rtestrasse, on Bergmannstrasse… everywhere.

Lumpen Prinzessin

is not in Kreuzberg. Still, it’s by far my favorite second-hand shop for baby things.  They are wonderfully sweet people and we’ve always found exactly what we were looking for (usually for some ridiculously cheap price like a euro fifty).


stands for some sort of child development exercises formulated by some scientist in Prague. It should stand for Peeing Everywhere, Kids Ignorant of Pants. Imagine 6-10 mothers all ringing bells hanging on a string in front of 6-10 naked kids. For an hour and a half.  And we paid for that.  I still have headaches just thinking about it.

Tierpark Hasenheide

Once you get past the drug dealers, Hasenheide is like Disneyland. It will take you a week to figure out all of the stuff that is in there and how to get there a second time without getting lost. Oh look fish, squirrels, sheep, geese, peacocks… ARE THOSE DEER? I love Hasenheide.

In conclusion: Kreuzberg is also family-friendly, without the bobos.


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