the sound of one hand blogging

guess it’s been quiet over here. i’ve learned to do a whole lot of things with one hand over the past few weeks. blogging is not one of them. e-mail is spotty too…

thanks again to well-wishers (hi lee, derick, teju!)
even though i haven’t been writing, i’ve still been trying to read a bit, quite unsuccessfully. i have a post on dual nationality floating around in my head so i’ll be back. until then…

… some spring links:

afrigator, reuters africa via ethan
e-activism and black bloggers via lynne
tambour d’afrique via okp
thinking blogger award meme via black looks
an article i was about to read but ended up reading the commentary first from teju
black international cinema festival in berlin may 3-6


the tap dance scene in zatoichi (takeshi kitano flick) crazy!


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