Berlinale wrap-up 2007

Took a pause and never came back.
Weekends at the movies in Berlin is always a beer affair. I’d forgotten about that. It really sucks to have a sensitive nose and spend an hour and a half surrounded by emptied beer bottles. I survived though.

My last movie was Senkyo (Campaign), a Japanese documentary about the ’05 elections. Summer ‘O5: we were in Japan. Took the shinkansen to Kyoto the day official campaigning started. Our first full day in Kyoto we were woken up by loudspeakers, blaring unrecognizable yet clearly repetitive noises. Out on the terrace, we saw the offending van stopped at a traffic light. The posters, the vans, the white gloves… it was all surreal. Finally on a day trip to Nara, we randomly turned down a street, ironically looking for the way to a post office, and came across the Prime Minister giving a speech. I could only get blurry pics, as we weren’t supposed to stop crossing the street (no pink stickers to prove we weren’t terrorists).



So I was excited to see Kazuhiro Soda‘s movie documenting that time period, the political shifts and quite amusing moments in a local political campaign, which emphasized a gap between tradition, hierarchy and structure and new forms of power and the questions that raises. The highlight was the post-movie discussion where the protagonist of the movie, Yamauchi was present. They were like a stand-up comedy team while fielding the audience’s questions. You can check out the director’s  (a School of Visual Arts alum) blog about the movie and his experiences at Berlinale here. They even managed to do a public campaign speech, like the ones in the movie, here in Berlin.

I skipped my last movie, the Cuban docu, invitations to bloggers to Berlinale events (probably thanks to a link from the RBB Berlinale blog), and took naps instead. It’s been fun… Bye-bye Berlinale ’07. Hello, pre-labor…


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