berlinale: PAUSE

I managed to see two films yesterday.1- Invisibles, the NGO sponsored short film compilation, hmm… Wim Wenders stopped by to let us know why things were starting a bit late. The movie wasn’t completely finished; we wouldn’t be seeing the official HD version.  Technically, it was a pre-premiere.  2- Faro, la reine des eaux, THE African film (Mali). It was rumored that Madame L’ambassadrice (who I interviewed for the Africa Forum in Wittenberg) was in the theater but I never caught sight of her. I wanted to stay for the discussion with the director but the translations were super unwieldy – long ass questions in German, translated to French, answered in French and then translated back to German. Headache inducing.

I’m taking a cinema break today and will get back to Invisibles and Faro later. I think I should be "nesting" or something.

Two more films left and then bye-bye Berlinale 07.


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