berlinale: village people radio show

International festival, international germs. I’m trying so hard not to get sick during these last weeks. I’m sure labor and a cold is not ideal. I was taught to cover my mouth when coughing, protect other folks from my sneezes. This winter I don’t think I’ve seen one person in public submit to either of those courtesies. Arsenal 1 was a huge nasty cough fest.

In addition to the coughing, there were the requisite Berlinale asides during the movie. Folks who think they are whispering. What’s a dura? What’s a durian? Like it would kill you to wait until the end of the movie to find out. Context clues, people.

After the movie, director Amir Muhammad talked a bit about the
filmmakers’ collective, of which he’s a member.  Two other directors
and one accountant. The total profit from his producer’s last successful film went back into the company, funding VPRS. The movie
is still waiting from word back from Malaysian censors. Muhammed told an anecdote about a friend coming across bootlegged copies of his
last movie advertised in a little shop. The salesman had the DVD cover
posted next to an article about the movie being banned in order to boost
sales. Muhammed joked about making less money but having more of an audience
since he figured most people seemed to think his movie was a bit
"boring" and wouldn’t have seen it in the theater anyway.

Since I doubt it will be available, pirated or not, in this area any time soon, I’m glad I caught it at Berlinale.


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  1. kean said,

    Tuesday 27 March 2007 at 7:28 pm

    … i’m obviously late in catching up with yr blog, so congratulations on your child and being a parent! having recently celebrated our kid’s 2nd b/d, it’s certainly shifted the axis of our world a bit …
    meanwhile, do tell what you thought of amir’s film (i’ve written about his previous, and the so-called film collective, doing so again for a few magazines so…). how was the audience sentiment afterwards too? email me if you prefer (and have the time 😉 btw, i was the one who sent you those danish shorts…

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