berlinale: tout refleurit and then stinks

and dies…

I could blame it on the low iron problem but that would be an excuse. I’ll just admit to falling asleep during this film. It was probably only a minute or two and Cubix does have some really comfortable seats. What bored me was a subject that had problems finishing his sentences. Perhaps it would have been better if filmed in Portuguese? Who knows…

The only point of interest to me (the relationship between the
filmmaker, his chosen location, and its inhabitants) was tritely represented: filmmaker as sociologist/anthropologist… I don’t
think I was violating… etc. Bleh…

The Cubix theater experience was one that got under my nose. My
olfactory sensitivity has increased greatly since I’ve been pregnant.
Once the nausea was gone, it became less problematic. The theater
smelled new or cleaned, an undertone of chemicals trapped in plush. The
stale smell of cigarettes lingering on the clothes and fingers of the
movie viewers. After the lights went down, I heard delicate unwrapping
behind me and a smell of peppers and cooked meat wafted down my way.
Kulinarisches Kino when you least expect it. More shuffling. And when I turned around, I saw two shoeless,
thankfully socked feet, poking up above my seat where my head should
have been.

In retrospect, I’m wondering whether the feet smell was synonymous with
the food smell. There were so few people there for the screening it
seemed a bit silly to endure feet for 74 minutes or have a discussion
with someone who couldn’t bother to find a seat in front of them
without someone in it. I moved two seats toward the center and the feet
issued a loudly whispered Entschuldingung behind me. Eventually the feet were bored, found its shoes and walked out of the theater before the movie was finished.

Yesterday was the last screening so you’ll have to find another way to cure your insomnia.


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