berlinale: neue bilder

And off we go. Neue Bilder was the start of our Berlinale 2007. Interestingly translated as Black Artists in Germany, Schwarze Filmschaffende in Deutschland (SFD) put together this compilation of short films for the Panorama section.

I believe I’d seen some clips from You are Welcome, Otu Tetteh’s film, during a taping of a public access show we both participated in but everything else was new to me. I particularly liked the visual dialogue between Zwischen and the older short Landing, which were my two favorite pieces out of the six shown.

One of the most striking tidbits to come out of the screening was not the content but a peek into Panorama selection. One of the SFD founders mentioned that the idea came out of a workshop at last year’s Berlinale, where one of the organizers posited that if they got their stuff together there would be a place/space to show their works in 2007 at the film festival. Very curious, yet somewhat exciting, when compared to the supposed Forum selection process alluded to by a recent commenter (see interview for more).

SFD Lectures/Panel discussions: Today 12.02 and Tuesday 13.02 @ Heinrich-Böll Stiftung
Further screenings: Thursday 15.02 @ Cubix, 17.30, online tickets available 


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