two point two

My ears are tuned to the frequency of American English. I’m sure lots of people wish they could tune it out since the volume is a whole lot louder than other languages. Regardless, it’s always quite funny to witness visitors or newly transplanted folks (re)discovering the same things as other foreigners do.

The other day I spied these three people walking down Körtestraße, taking up the whole street as if they were shooting a Friends promo shot. As I got closer and tried to get by, The Explainer out of the group said to another who’d just fondled some vegetables: Two point two.

I remembered the first time I needed that 2.2 conversion in a practical manner. 4 years of studying in metric quantities didn’t help me on my virgin Paris market experience. The Aligré market is known for being cheap/decent quality but mainly because people buy in bulk. You show up and they assume you are buying for a family of 20. Unfortunately on my first market trip, I was more concerned about grammar than kilos. I ended up eating spinach for the whole week. Spinach is tasty, leafy and healthy but a week is definitely pushing it.

I’ve been ignoring 2.2 at the moment. Pregnant women get weighed every two weeks at this stage. Kilos sound much better.



  1. Teju said,

    Friday 2 February 2007 at 9:13 pm

    “taking up the whole street as if they were shooting a Friends promo shot”


    Do you know the Seinfeld episode about “close-talkers”? Maybe there should also be one on “wide-walkers.”

  2. sattva said,

    Monday 5 February 2007 at 4:46 pm

    definitely! that is so annoying.

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