you only think you are a Berliner

More from inquisitive strangers:

She’d been small talking with someone I’ve known for awhile now. The usual what do you do, how do you like it, crap. He mentioned that he was thinking about moving and she remarked that it’s easy for him to imagine that because he’s not from Berlin. Politely he mentioned that he’s lived in Berlin quite a long time. She continued on, informing him that’s not really the same thing, even after he added that he’s been here since the age of 3.

I’m not sure what rule book she was working with. Berlin for Dummies or A Beamter’s Guide to Discrimination. Obviously, we non-Berliners don’t get that handbook. It’s unclear to me what sort of formative experience at age 0-3 qualifies you to be a Berliner for life. In any case, it’s nice to know that since I’ll never be considered a Berlinerin… there’s nothing to stop me from moving.


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