venturing out of the pregnant cocoon

Being pregnant is a great excuse to avoid things and people. My doctor told me I contracted caputmater, a syndrome also known as mommybrain, which is useful in aiding the futur mama to prioritize. I read e-mails, regular post, listen to voicemail and then promptly forget about anything not urgent.

Unconsciously, I’ve been avoiding the non-pregnant world more and more the farther along I am. Last weekend I thought I’d make up for it and stop by this little birthday brunch. This was against all the intuitive spideysense tingles I was getting. Of course, it was everything I’d been avoiding for the past months packed into an amazingly short time period.

Stairs, lots of them.

Belly rubbing and kissing from acquaintances.

Interrogation on every choice I’ve made since becoming pregnant and every choice I plan to make in the near future.
This is often comes from the "no don’t buy anything" clique. Parents who are trying to fill your apartment with things they never, ever used. Gee thanks, useless baby items. It’s all well meaning but I get the feeling that if you take them seriously, you will end up with an infant car seat TÜV geprüft in 1910 made for a horse and buggy, 50 rattles, 20 travel cribs and a naked baby.

Comments on my size.
I’ve determined that in German "oh you’re not so big" must translate to "you are not a fat pregnant person." This doesn’t appear to be a compliment in any language, just a strange non sequitur. I wasn’t fat before and I’m not getting naked to prove that I do indeed have a large belly.

Sick children.

Inquisitive strangers.
This happens regardless of being pregnant but I’ve lost a lot of tolerance for fielding bizarre questions over the past couple of trimesters. It may not be completely hormonal. I’m sure it’s partly due to 5+ years of life in Europe. What do you say to Are your parents proud that you are living in Germany? No, they’d always dreamed I’d grow up one day and live in Kuala Lumpur and are a bit disappointed. That was actually in the original draft for MLK Jr.’s "I have a dream" but got cut due to time constraints. 

Somehow it’s still a bit of a challenge manoeuvering through two
worlds. Pregnant and non-pregnant. My blog has stayed mostly
non-pregnant. I’ll try to rectify that in the upcoming weeks since there aren’t all that many left.  Well, hopefully…


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