links for monday + hi googlers

The results are in: Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg votes for Rudi Dutschke strasse (de), lawsuit in the works
Black Looks blogs from the World Social Forum in Kenya
One of my favorite blogs (newly added… where else can you get YouTube Derrida links?)
NHK Japanese online radio


negro spiritual karaoke (I’m sure this idea would make a killing in Germany! Don’t forget the blackface…)
elterngeld laws (Who says no one is interested in having children, this one is pretty popular)
rudi dutschke (See the link above)
graefestr. gang Berlin (Not that I have experience but lots of gangs probably don’t have a very thorough web presence on these here internets. But good luck. My tip: those are just school kids)
translate fleurdafrique (flower from africa, african flower)
spanking fun in Hamburg (This I can’t help you out with but Hamburg seems like a good place as any other to look for spanking fun)
berlinale news 2007 (I covered this last week)
residence permit sweden sambo japanese (ok…)


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