köhler’s upcoming visit to Ghana + links

At Black Looks, Sokari just posted a piece on the African Youth Forum’s reaction to a German NGO associated with the Bundespräsident’s upcoming trip to Ghana later this month. The NGO apparently concluded that a picture of the founder holding a monkey would be the best image to represent its goals of African youth development. Info about the letter campaign is listed at the end of her post.

Pienso… always has great links on international development and "social entreprise."

I was planning to write about Spandau, refugees, the new administrative decisions and the mess both TV and print media has made covering it. When browsing articles online in the local press, I came across the craziest letters like this one from the Tagesspiegel:

wenn ich das lese, wie gut Asylbewerber in unserem Lande auf
Staatskosten alimentiert werden und dies mit den Zuständen in deren
Herkunftsländern vergleiche, dann muss ich sagen: Deutschland ist ein
Paradies für ALLE in der Welt.

Somehow it reminded me of the winning baby’s grandmother in the NYTimes piece on first baby sweepstakes, illegal immigrants and responses by Asian Americans to the whole thing. Expert on all things legal, she was quoted as saying: If she’s [the mother] is an illegal alien, that makes the baby illegal.

It’s a shame how much misinformation is continually and deliberately rehashed to the point where people’s opinions and then votes are based on what people think the law should be, not what it actually is.


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