new year

Today I learned two new words:

sightseeing 観光
honey 蜂蜜
My Japanese class was a bit worried that I wouldn’t sign up for next year, since there’s just a few of us left out of the 30 or so folks that started out in the first level. I signed up even though attending all of the classes would probably mean setting up a video link during labor or at least memorizing kanji between contractions. Everyone in class is convinced that our baby will come out speaking better Japanese than any of us, which is very probable.

If I measured 06 in terms of progression in Japanese, it would be pretty sad. My last self-testing: Babel and Dolls.  I did well with Babel, whole sentences like Is there any tea?
That would have been exciting except most of the Japanese actors were
speaking slow enough for deaf people to read their lips. Dolls was an
amazing film. Even though I could only understand a bit here and there,
the film confirmed that the vocab our teacher gives us is somehow
useful for something. Who would have thought a whole conversation could
be based around two random words I learned: mandarines and fish.

My Japanese class is pretty much the only thing that’s stable heading
into 2007. I sent in my last invoice earlier this month and notified
the Finanzamt that no I’m not paying taxes in advance based on previous
income. Other than Japanese, everything else is birth or baby oriented.
All other decisions not involving things like breast pumps or
disposable versus cloth will have to wait just a bit.

I’m not sure how 06 came to a close so fast but I’m pretty certain
07 is probably going to be a crazy, eventful year. Happy New Year!


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