no smoking in berlin

That may seem like an oxymoron. Perhaps not for long? France is the next to go down the legislative route.

A few months ago, I wasn’t too concerned. Now I have a growing life form to protect from the evils of second hand smoke and smokers are the devil. Since the weather reprieve won’t stay like this for long, I need to find out soon what exactly do non-smokers, people with allergies to cigarette smoke, asthmatics, elderly with weakened immune systems do (other than moving or just smoking anyway).

So far I’ve found a list of non-smoking places at melodic ambience and another one here. Apparently there’s even a cocktail bar for non-smokers. There’s also another non-smoking place on Marheinekeplatz but I don’t remember the name. It’s next to that fake Mexican restaurant.

The other option is just staying home until Spring. Hibernation seems to work for bears.

*photo: morguefile//Mary R. Vogt


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