Berlin’s Own Independent Census Taker

One of the kiddie films was running late at Sony Center over the unofficial long weekend. All of us late afternoon moviegoers had to wait for the kids to come out, then the tidyupper to finish. So a bunch of us clueless folks who bought tickets for Das Parfum had to wait in the hallway.

I was standing there, left alone, eating my overpriced popcorn, when I noticed a woman looking my way. I assumed she was looking past me until she spread this deranged sort of smile across her face. In her fantasy land, that must have meant hello. I ignored her and continued ingesting large amounts of sodium.

She swayed over to me until I could no longer pretend she wasn’t smiling at me.

Her first words:  What country are you from?
followed by
But you are now living in Berlin?

And then she walked away. 

Maybe she was trying to smell me…

///aside: granted it must be
hard to figure out how to best portray an italian in a movie where
french people speak with british accents but dustin hoffman was
horrible. horribly comedic but still horrible. ///



  1. desyl said,

    Monday 9 October 2006 at 8:05 am

    you thought Dustin Hoffman’s accent was bad? you should have heard it before the final cut. they had to fly to LA ‘specially for him to ovedub it. you heard the BEST version.

  2. sattva said,

    Monday 9 October 2006 at 8:49 am

    wow. that’s very, very sad. it was one of my favorite kind of bad accents, the one where they start off trying but by the end they just give up…

    i don’t really have too many good things to say about the movie… at least it inspired me to read the original.

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