Don’t Get Pregnant Logo

Alcool_logo1_1 Actually, this logo is for a new campaign in France to remind pregnant women that consuming lots of alcohol is not the best idea. I saw it in the free paper 20 minutes and then the soon to be defunct Libération. The campaign started just as we arrived in Paris and runs until October 18th.

I think they should also develop a logo to remind non-pregnant people to stop trying to give pregnant women something to drink. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to explain my polite No to these questions: Are you sure you don’t want wine? Not even with the plate of cheese shaped bacteria cultivated in our dark cupboard we’ve kept just for you?  Are you sure you don’t even want a glass? It will blend so nicely with the second hand smoke I’m blowing in your face!

It’s been quite hilarious and absurd so far. I’ve had to defend not drinking the coffee I never drink anyway and listen to a journalist try to claim that because obesity is an epidemic in the States health guidelines during pregnancy must be n’importe quoi. Somehow "No thanks. I’m not drinking" is interpreted as a personal attack on someone else’s lifestyle choices. It doesn’t really matter what I said. My voice ended up sounding like an adult on a Charlie Brown special and a thought bubble appeared which reads: No thanks, I want my unborn child to be a devoted capitalist with an engrained Protestant work ethic and no empathy for unionists and social entrepreneurs. It’s clear to me that one glass of wine and non-pasteurized milk products will lead to 15 years of university, living off a socialist state and the privatisation of the French electric and gas companies. I think more logos may be necessary.

Other logos desperately needed:
An image that effectively communicates to OB/GYN receptionists that the correct response to "I’ve had a positive pregnancy test and would like to schedule appointment as soon as possible" is not "Do you plan to keep it?" (And people wonder why folks don’t have kids in Germany?)

Some sort of red bar through the mouths of non-professionals and random strangers who insist on telling you horror stories.

A Don’t Get Pregnant in Europe logo – It’s just a pain having to explain the differences on both sides of the ocean. Even if it costs 5 euros compared to the 5000 euros it would cost back home, don’t do it. Or just try to avoid talking about pregnancy for the next 40 or so weeks…


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