napping in berlin

not much berlin blogging at the moment. the only time i manage to do this is when i need to leave berlin, like now. and when i’m not trying to leave, i’m trying to take a nap. i think he is blogging more than me and he doesn’t even live here anymore…

the need to nap is slowly getting in the way with other things that i need to do. there’s that book i meant to mail weeks ago, that letter and 50 million emails i need to write, a primary ballot to fill out, that little problem of finishing filing taxes for every country I’ve ever lived in this year, 2-3 liters of liquid to consume, etc. "they" say i should be getting over this napping problem soon which would really help me out. not napping is so wonderful and leads to things like pfannkuchen or pots of chili.

hopefully the trip will resolve some of those legalities which should be non-issues, or at least classified as harrassment. you’d think it would seem a bit strange, sending letters to a foreigner to a foreign address asking them to pay a resident tax. if not, at least the weather forecast is consistently over 28 degrees.

things i’ll be missing:

musikfest berlin
three kings featuring jean-paul bourelly
the berlin elections
… and probably more rain

but i’ll be back just in time for class… oh studying. i need to do that too.



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