weddings, water, welcome back to hamburg

I can’t say this country really inspires me to travel within its borders. Now that we have a car and free gas, it seems like I should make it somewhere else other than Hamburg. This time it was a wedding, bringing us back one of the largest ports in the world. I learned a lot about container ships and boats over the weekend and finally took a tour around the harbor. We made it to the largest of the two Alsters finally, ringed by a street called Schöne Aussicht, which sounds much funnier in German compared to French.

Since I didn’t know the couple, I felt free to comment on all of the very interesting things that happened during the wedding. Ex. the pastor insisting on calling the groom "der halb-Asiate" during her bizarre speech. I decided against referring to the bride as "die voll-Arierin" for the rest of the day. Besides, there were more bizarre speeches to come. No need to wear out one joke for the whole night.

We found more eurocentricity at the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Bucerius Kunst Forum near the Hamburger Rathaus. The bratwurst and sauerkraut outside were slightly more enticing and convincing than the exhibit. The lines are understandably long but you can buy an Express Ticket at the door. No wait but twice the price. Great deal. We waited in line. Until 17 Sept.

Hamburg is still nice. If anyone wanted to buy me a boat or a house in Altona, I’d have no problem packing it up and moving away.



  1. mat said,

    Monday 14 August 2006 at 6:51 pm

    indeed, such ‘unconscious’ racialisation of those who are not obviously white in germany is more widespread than self-avowed liberals care to admit… ‘enlightened’ germans and nordics included.
    in a similar vein, check these 2 vids out:

  2. sattva said,

    Tuesday 15 August 2006 at 8:36 am

    hi mat, thanks for the youtube links. what were these videos made for ?

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