festival time

In my kiez
Bergmannstra├čenfest  – Kreuzberg jazzt! starts today, ends Sunday. Sometimes the music is just eh… Somtimes you can get lucky. In either case, if you walk around quickly enough, the doppler effect + alcohol can make it sound a little bit better. In my opinion, the highlight is undoubtedly Kreuzberg kocht! which takes place on Chamissoplatz. Supposedly it is still going on this year, even though it’s suspiciously missing from the poster. Kreuzberg’s finest dining takes to the streets: here’s the menu.

Away from home
San Fran based city|space.org

"Get on the Bus," a timely reconsideration of the experience, culture, and meaning of our nation’s least-loved transit mode. June 16th to July 2nd, 2006. More >>
Support from afar – Buy the anthology here.

Fête de la Musique, 21 June
I think I missed this one last year. Maybe I was at home moaning about not being in Paris. This year I’ll be forcing visiting friends to one of the many events happening in Kreuzberg that night. They just don’t know it yet.

(Go Ivory Coast and Angola!)


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