World Cup countdown

…in no particular order

T minus 13 Klinsi in Cali!

T minus 12 Bird flu!

T minus 11 Unsafe stadiums!

T minus 10 Ticket scandal!

T minus 09 Extreme right-wing attacks!

T minus 08 No-go areas!

T minus 07 The president of Iran!

T minus 06 English hooligans!

T minus 05 No wait, Polish hooligans!

T minus 04 Cancelled gala!

T minus 03 Kahn replaced by Lehmann!

T minus 02 Amoklauf HIV stabber!

T minus 01 Mayor Wowereit dancing! (this scared me the most, i think) 

I sure wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t already here… jetzt geht’s los.

One of the Ecuadorian players was on TV saying he’d heard it
was summer in Germany now but apparently it’s winter in Germany for 11 months.

At least the weather is getting better. Schöne WM, folks.



  1. mindful said,

    Saturday 10 June 2006 at 11:43 pm

    i haven’t been able to get into soccer this year as much as i have in the past… at least, watching it on tv, that is…

  2. sattva said,

    Monday 12 June 2006 at 9:53 am

    hey ms. mind, seen you around okp. congrats on self-publishing!

    i can understand a general disinterest in soccer and why this only happens every 4 years.

    i’d check out at least one mexico game on univision to get in the spirit 🙂

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