Diary of a WM Volunteer, Teil 2

Lost in an airport

Emblem_yllow_mI was looking through a brochure available for the random people who tend to gravitate towards the welcome desk. I thought that a map of Germany is nice but why would anyone need one, especially such a vague one; they either want tickets or airport information.

I stand corrected.

This man came up to the desk the other day and looked skeptically at everyone before announcing: Italiano! ? !
We all shook our heads. No italiano…
I offered a possible solution: English?
He shook his head and bid on: Francese?
Yes, we have a winner! Francese… I can do that.

He started speaking francese, which sounded a whole lot like italiano to me and we already established that i no capisco italiano. Somehow he managed to string together some words and I reconstructed what I thought he said which made absolutely no sense. You want to know where you are? The name of the airport?

ah Teeeeegel. He wrote the word Tegel down on a piece of paper. Berlino?
Yes, this is Berlin.
Où est Berlino?
You want to know where Berlin is?

I took out that trusty albeit incomplete map of Germany and showed him where Berlin is located. He seemed enthused about finding out he was in Berlin and immediately took out his cell phone, called someone and talked for about 10 minutes in Italian. He got off the phone, said Thank you in a bunch of languages and left.

I really wonder where he is now and whether he knows where that is. Where do these people come from?


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  1. Joerg said,

    Wednesday 7 June 2006 at 11:46 pm

    Got some time off from your volunteering to join our Game Watching Party?

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