Giyasettin Sayan

Linkspartei/PDS Politician Sayan attacked in Lichtenberg

Deutsche Welle – EN
Tagesspiegel – DE

What I find interesting about the Heye comment and the reponses in the media is that somehow this issue is being framed as whether World Cup or any other foreign visitors feel safe. 

One, the two attacks have been on German citizens (I really have a problem with the use of fremdenfeinlich to describe these incidents but that’s a whole other story). At the WM-Volunteer kick-off back in March, one of the presenters made me laugh with the suggestion to get out and see the wonderful things in Brandenburg while you are in town. Which foreign visitors do this? Since 2002, I’ve been to Potsdam/Brandenburg for two reasons only – to get married (drive by the fake Versailles) and to teach at the refugee residences. People should care less about WM visitors and more about the security of Germany’s citizens, residents, and "tolerated" asylum seekers. The WM is not the first time Germany will have visitors. It’s not the same thing as the ’64 Tokyo Olympics.

Secondly, I find it amazing that all of a sudden there are political "no-go" areas for people of color. It’s a bit surprising that somebody made the decisions to put the majority of refugee residences in these same areas that the same politicians advise visitors (who have no intention of going to these places anyway) to avoid. Go figure.


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