more pre-WM posting

32 days left. I had my first condensed make-up training
session followed by a real training session. As usual, I am always surprised
when I have to go over to the Olympic Stadium for volunteer events. Without fail, my first
thought is : I have to go all the way out to the middle of nowhere
again. But when I get there, there are 5 million other people headed the same
way for random sporting events, previously unknown to me. This weekend, I
surmised there must have been a Berlin Thunder (the American Football team here) game, a run Nike event, and something else that required teenage girls
in green hot pants to carry around various international flags while that
hideous song, Love Generation, played on in the background.

I know there are non-postable and postable categories of WM
related things so let’s just say I played around on sponsored computers for a
couple of hours. Thankfully everything clickable was in English yet read with a
German accent. This all took place during what would be lunch time for normal
people. Instead of eating, I drank free fizzy sponsored water.  Maybe that was part of the training. Now I
have a new manual to read which should keep me busy in between the next
milestone, picking up my volunteer clothing and accreditation.

To celebrate the month countdown to the one and only game we
will be seeing in the stadium, we are having a pre-WM housewarming this
Saturday. We’ve been saying this for months now so I guess it’s time to actually invite people. This reminds me of our first wedding. So if you need the address, e-mail me.

oh and if you are still looking for acceptable non-sponsor clothing to wear to Olympic Stadium WM events, you can get that hot Jesse Owens tee at ropeadope.



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