WM volunteer kick-off

countdown: day 75

Wc06_1sunday was day 75 on the countdown to the official start of World Cup 2006 and the kick-off for WM volunteers in Germany. after check-in, badges, introductions, skits, a quiz show with footballer cameo appearances, a fashion show of sponsored clothes, video after video of beckenbauer, klinsi et al., there was enough hype circulated to last until the next volunteer event.

somehow i ended up being interviewed by a television station after the event. hopefully that piece of stellar german will stay on the cutting room floor (and wasn’t in violation of anything in the pretty snazzy rules and information book we received). basically i sounded like.. well… what i was: a sleep-deprived person who’d just listened to 2 hours of football themed speeches with a camera two inches from my face. it was kind of like an oral version of mad libs filled in with words that had just been engraved in my brain. ich bin blank, blank und blank und ich freue mich auf diese(x) blankity blank. insert gespannt, aufgeregt, motiviert in any order followed by besondere or einmalige, closing with m√∂glichkeit or gelegenheit or veranstaltung or...  you get the point.

honestly, i am pretty excited and quite sad that i will be missing the official training session for my section of volunteers next month. hopefully not being in the country is a good enough excuse. raskal trippin goes to the states in April. i’m hype about that. no really. NO really.   


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