moving in berlin

I wish I had some nice pics of the Passionskirche or Bergmannstr. or Chamissoplatz or the cemetary because the new neighborhood is quite lovely especially now that Spring is here to stay. But I don’t. The computer is in the hallway. I have quick access to stud detectors and unhung curtains from IKEA but not a digital camera. My old building smelled like cabbage around mealtime. My new building occassionally smells like burning plants.

My first intracity move went amazingly well. I saw the old lady and her dog one last time. We had the UN of heinzelmenschen (thank you farid, mohammed, yves, and the man whose love is in North Carolina) show up to help reinforce the basketball team of unprofessional movers. Other than the truck battery dying after it was packed and ready to go and finding out someone tried to break into our keller in the new building, it couldn’t have gone better.

Last kiez news edition from the old neighborhood:

the christmas tree finally fell out of the tree in front of avril
the new plus opened yesterday
scratch records on kottbusser damm has gone away
spreepiraten is moving from my new neighborhood to my old neighborhood
the plants i planted on dieffenbachstr. have survived the winter

bye bye graefekiez.

tentatively save the date: we are really going to have a housewarming
party in May even if it kills us. lucky 13th. non-kleptomaniac, houseplant-giving bloggers
and friends will be invited.



  1. Rezwan said,

    Saturday 25 March 2006 at 11:20 am

    Hi there!

    I was looking for English language bloggers from Berlin and found your blog. Your writings are simply great and I have found a lot of links and information. Especially I am amazed with the link to the ‘Germany survival bible’.

    I have moved in Berlin from Bangladesh this month. I run a blog( since 2003 and hope to record my experiences and thoughts during my approx. 3 years stay in Berlin.

    Hope to interact with you more.

  2. sattva said,

    Monday 27 March 2006 at 9:05 am

    hi rezwan, hope you enjoy berlin during your stay. thanks for checking out my blog. will do the same 🙂

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