Berlinale wrap-up


It didn’t end up as well as it started off. Apparently, I mixed up a title or a description or something and ended up in a movie with two scenes repeated over and over and over again. In one scene people were clothed and in the other scene they were naked. In neither scene was dialogue a priority. More ass and penis than I ever expected to see in one setting. Half of the audience was gone by the time the credits were rolling. Later that night, the director of this unfortunate movie was spotted at a bar in Kreuzberg. I was at home and missed out.

Even though I missed out on that star sighting, I did run into Berlin Blogger at the last film of my Berlinale 2006 expedition, which was a pretty funny surprise. Block Party was all and more than I expected. Dave Chappelle had me rolling. I loved it. It was better than Cats. I was depressed for about a month after it happened for real, thinking why am I living in Europe? what have I done? So now I can go on with my life. I really need to see Jill Scott in concert though and yall need to go see this movie. March 3rd at a stateside theater near you.

Until next year…



  1. Kiratiana said,

    Saturday 25 March 2006 at 1:29 pm

    You mean you ALREADY saw Block Party in Berlin! Us black folks (Epee included) in Paris are still WAITING for the movie…what is wrong with this place…

  2. sattva said,

    Monday 27 March 2006 at 9:08 am

    hi kiratiana,

    maybe you/Paris will have to wait until Cannes? 🙂

    i’m not sure why it DC’s Block Party made Berlinale but it wasn’t released into theaters here at all. guess you gotta get the DVD.

    i really want the soundtrack!

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