Valentine’s day in berlin

Valentine’s day in berlin

Passion lives here! Oh wait, that’s Torino. Do people do that here? I’m not the best person to be reporting on cultural differences on this particular holiday. I don’t remember a single Valentine’s Day celebration growing up. February was Black History Month. If anything, on Feb. 14th, we had a birthday cake for Frederick Douglass. My parents did not play…

In Berlin, flowers are shockingly cheaper than other cities I’ve
been to. In Paris, there is clearly some sort of flower mafia at work
behind the scenes. We never did Valentine’s Day there either. I’m not
really a fan of flowers and we have too many other things to celebrate:
first date, civil ceremony, church ceremony, the US side reception,
that day we had a fight in the esoteric section of Barnes & Nobles…
things like that. But if you wanted to indulge in such sappiness here,
it wouldn’t totally kill your wallet.

More love: JDilla/Jay Dee tributes were taking place online this weekend. If you listen to hip-hop, you know JDilla
probably without knowing it was him. This man straight overworked
himself to death. At 32. For Valentine’s Day, love yourself. Go
schedule your check-ups, annual pap smear, blood work including STDs,
mammogram if you are old enough… I’ll be trying to get done with the
dentist finally.

No love: moving… definitely
not in time for V-Day. This is turning out to be the longest move ever.
We’ve had the keys since December and the only things that have made it
to the new place are most of my books and a mirror. I’ve moved to other
continents faster than this. First some rest, 2nd movies,
3rd back to the dentist, some more IKEA/Bauhaus excursions and then and
only then we are packing it up and moving out of Graefekiez. By
mid-March *fingers crossed*


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