goodbyes/back for berlinale

goodbyes/back for berlinale

eventually i’m going to have to say goodbye to the neighborhood but right now it’s being drawn out as long as possible. this weekend was another all-star kiez weekend, interrupted by one trip to steiglitz.

the old neighborhood…

tire-bouchon and lebmel on dieffenbachstr.
la maison blanche on körtestr.
mini-bar, the room 77, die kleine kneipe on graefestr.
kado, the licorice store finally… which i can’t say i’ll ever patronize due to the sambos adorning the finnish licorice. 
emerald isle on erkelenzdamm
for the france/scotland rugby game. the only screen i could see was
playing chelsea/liverpool which was quite entertaining so i didn’t feel
like i was missing out. replacement goalie. comedy.

new neighborhood

enoteca bacco
and knofi where "wir hassen fleisch." not the place to be looking for italian sausage.

now that our weekend visitor, the dubliner famed for missing planes,
is gone, i can get on planning a starless, redcarpet less but very
international Berlinale and drinking the liter of bailey’s we received as a present.

movies i’m going to see:

Dear Pyongyang, Japan
Casa de areia, Brazil
Shisso, Japan
Conversations on a Sunday Afternoon, South Africa
El cielo dividido, Mexico
and my personal highlight
Dave Chappelle’s Block Party, USA


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