a ripple in the internet

a ripple in the internet

what started out as one of those e-mails which should have stayed in the draft folder is reaching epic proportions.

Latest developments:
mike’s article in Spiegel Online (which includes a link to the top ten list that doesn’t seem to want to die)
Du bist Deutschland and klowände are now the top searches on technorati
which lead to an explanation for non-German speakers on the technorati blog.

it’s like wildfire over here… i’m convinced it’s all due to the fact that wikipedia.de is down (due to a lawsuit involving a deceased hacker’s parents) and folks just don’t know what to do with all that time they used to dedicate to creating their own skewed version of history.

i know i need to rededicate my time… this post is all about procrastination. happy friday!


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