in the blogosphere

what’s been happening?

the e-mail (supposedly) from the mind behind the Du Bist Deutschland campaign is making the rounds on german blogs. in it, the author calls blogs the bathroom walls of the internet, die Klowände des Internets. what’s funnier the ad or the e-mail? toss up.

the other big copy/paste of the moment are the ridiculous 30 questions required for baden-württemburg’s muslim residents who are applying for German citizenship. the question list in its entirety in german. a black woman Somalian shows up for question number 28. how did black folk get in the mix?  is it because she is Black or African or Somalian or assumed muslim? i have no idea. i’ll assume if the applicant is offended and insulted that a black person got the job, they automatically qualify. it’s all about outsourcing institutionalized racism in the new millennium.


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