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The Collegium (Part II)

Harry Louiserre, from Classic in Black, and I have been working together on a French language presentation for Black History Month for high school audiences here and abroad.

Our readings on the Collegium, Voices in French and English, will be rebroadcast on Offener Kanal next Sunday at 9pm.

On the show:
He read from the French translation of James Baldwin’s The Fire Next Time.
I read Claude McKay’s poem If We Must Die in both English and French.

In the State of Affairs portion of the program, Donald Griffith talked to Otu Tetteh about his experiences as a filmmaker, his travels to Ghana, and his upcoming projects.  Check out his website, Own Productions, for more information about him and sponsoring his work. 

Way too much comedy on the back end of trying to do live television. I can’t wait for the blooper reel.

Once we were done, someone from Offener Kanal Radio came down to get volunteers to do sound bytes for some publicity spot. I’ve learned when someone asks Do you speak…. ? to always answer hmm a little until you find out exactly what they want. He only wanted a few seconds of time to record Offener Kanal, Ich mache mit! and Offener Kanal, meinung äußern. I could do that.


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