word of the day: verpachtung

word of the day: verpachtung

my second home is now at the finanzamt. it’s a very intimidating building that looks like it could be holding gold reserves or other treasures behind its fortress. unlikely since we are talking about kreuzberg here. once you’ve found the door, it’s not all that bad inside especially if you don’t have to talk to anybody. it looks like every other government building i’ve been to in germany.

i used to be up on things like cultural events in berlin now i’m only aware of very sexy news like the 2005 tax forms came out this week. i guess that could count as a cultural event since there were a whole bunch of people hovering around the forms in a strange, grim ritualistic fashion.

the last time i was in the finanzamt i noticed that you have to pay dog taxes/hundesteuer here. there’s an office just for the dog tax with a little dog pasted on the door. each time i see someone walking their little fur covered rat, i think to myself you are really paying taxes on that? maybe there’s something i’m missing and you can deduct ziploc bags and dog food or something.

picking up the forms i needed probably would have been a lot simpler if i knew the meaning of words like "verpachtung" but i didn’t. i haven’t leased anything so luckily i don’t need that form. the other option would have just been taking every single form with 2005 on it.

maybe next year, in between LEO and ELSTER, i’ll be tapfer enough to do it online. figure out how much you owe and what percentage goes to m√ľnte’s eyebrow archer here.

(yes, the sky is really that blue)


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