a linguistic wish for 06

a linguistic wish for 06

from the last issue of die zeit – 100 wishes from the redaktion/editorial staff:

#14 from jeannine kantara

Ich wünsche mir, dass der deutsche Duden 2006 das Wort "" aufnimmt. Das wären dann genau 20 Jahre nachdem es ursprünglich geprägt wurde. Und gleichzeitig sollte der Begriff "Neger" als das benannt werden, was er ist: ein Schimpfwort.

I wish that the German Duden 2006 would incorporate the word "afrodeutsch". That would be exactly 20 years after it was originally coined. And simultaneously the term "Neger" should be designated as what it is: an insult.

and wie kommt eigentlich ein Wort in den Duden?

you know how that goes. maybe Blind Date and After-Sales-Service were more important. or maybe afrodeutsch is in the secret database with words a-waiting, like Bling-Bling and Weblog (no joke). you can always contact Duden to let them know about any word you feel should be included and add to the 200 requests Duden receives daily, of which 196 are trying to figure out whether Bling-Bling has a hyphen or not.


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