christmastime in berlin

christmastime in berlin

(on ku’damm it’s sponsored by berliner morgenpost and wall AG, @ raskal trippin christmas is sponsor free… oh that’s not a peace sign)

in my neighborhood, you can’t really tell there’s a major consumer oriented holiday going on. which is just fine with me. the only new decorations around my way are  signs revealing which stores are opening in the space that used to house deniz. another Plus! that’s what my neighborhood was missing. at least it’s not a starbucks.

for christmas, you have to go towards karstadt hermannplatz or the krippenmeile on k├Ârtestr. where broken english has a "traditional british" nativity scene.

after lunch somewhere around ku’damm with friends, before we all get sucked in with first christmas day celebrations, we wandered down towards wittenbergplatz. it wasn’t as bad as i imagined. definitely not fifth avenue crowds. only one person stepped on my foot and she said excuse me. we even went into kadewe. i’m not sure why. it was actually more crowded, with crazed football fans, during the fall on a hertha game day.

i still wasn’t really feeling it. christmastime in paris was always oyster time to me. so we stopped off by the fish store @ dieffenbachstr. 13 and we got a very detailed demonstration on how to open oysters and avoid major injuries. in france, there are over 2000 oyster opening injuries per year and 40 percent of them occur in december and january. opening oysters while drunk is not advisable, unless you are a professional shucker (or a professional drunk).
oysters downed, we could finally start getting the presents and holiday e-cards and real cards and wrapping together. basically the part i detest, that part which seems to offend people if you don’t follow through. but really i don’t need any gifts. except maybe a kitchen and bathroom for the new apartment. movers would be nice. maybe a nachmieter too.

happy holidays!


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