neutral space

neutral space

after reading rashunda’s latest post, surprisingly the first thing i thought of was not being stuck in between german businessmen on the early flight to berlin who thought touching my hair would be alright in a claustrophic aisle with the airplane doors still closed.
(no that’s not ok and pre-9/11 that would have gotten someone jacked up)

my first thought:

funny how the most banal activities – recently involving banks and notaries – always require an added level of stress, patience and a decision whether or not to bite my tongue. a general lack of neutral space and comfort.

at the bank, i would have gladly traded in the lebkuchen and fizzy water for an ethnically neutral meeting. no mention of "business chinese" or pointing out a glitch in the print-out and blaming it on the "indian programmer."

i wondered what the bank agent talked about with the south asian man who was before me. maybe he got the black jokes? was there a rotation depending on who was sitting in front of him?

recent events have reminded me to be thankful that my basic rights like residency are not affected by whatever i do choose to say about minor and major offenses.

if all things go as planned, i will probably talk about something like that, and other related topics and experiences in Europe on The Collegium, a television show which appears on Offener Kanal Sunday night. as I’ve never been on tv purposely before, it should be interesting or embarrasing. or maybe both.

until then, it’s just one christmas party after another. ok two. but that’s enough for one day.


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