crawling up the language ranking

although i’m always learning new words, like weißwurstäquator, i haven’t really thought about the state of my german language skills recently.

the other day i had to call the notary to verify that my german is good enough to comprehend the contract that he had prepared.

i pick up the phone and ask to speak to the notary in german.
he tells me in german that we need to talk so he can decide whether or not we need to hire an interpreter. i explain in german that i’ve read the contract and i’m not sure what will be discussed in the meeting so i don’t know what exactly to talk about.
he asks how long i’ve lived here and seems surprised. i must have studied german before! he assumes. (which is true but studying german with french people was probably more of a hindrance than anything else) i threw in a few dativs for good measure and he finally conceded. my german received a notarized seal of approval.
i passed!

this won me the right to an hour long reading aloud of contractual german. i failed.

around page 10, i zoned out, wondering what the notary would look like if i took his bowtie and wrapped it around his head like a baby’s ribbon. a day has passed and i’m still trying to clear 27 syllable words out of my skull.


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