killing me softly

berlin is killing me softly

it’s about the possibility (c) love jones
that’s urban living to me. the possibility. even if you can’t afford it or can’t make it or have to work or broke your leg, the ridiculously abundant possibilities are what make big cities so shiny and desirable.

living in berlin, i sometimes feel like i’ve traded possibilities for square meters and high ceilings. and not that i was really dying to pay 50 euros to see the fugees in some football arena, and the possibility of lboogie missing all of her notes, but um why does their tour stop in bratislava and not berlin?
that’s just scandalous.
capital my ass.

i would trade a warehouse of advent calendars, all of prenzlauer berg, angie’s hairdresser and stylist, krombacher die perle der natur, the antenna from the television tower, all of these things i would willingly trade just for the possibility.

i just want the possibility. is that so much to ask?
if you missed the skatalites in november, you still have the possibility of rocking steady in berlin in december.

Di, 20.12.2005, 20:00 Uhr


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