5 days of berlin in the cold

5 days of berlin in the cold
my family’s whirlwind trip


i’m allergic to the pergamon museum. i’m not sure why i thought i could accompany my parents and grandmother through it. i made it through the door. i even had a ticket. but once i was inside and the audio sets were shared, i couldn’t do it.

the pergamon makes me tired, woozy and then i break out in hives. i had to leave and pick my family up at the end of their tour. i made up for it by accompanying them to the alte nationalgalerie.


three years ago there was a hole in the ground across from the spanking new swissotel. now the swissotel’s novelty is less than spanking and another hotel stands where that hole once was. the hotel concorde opened about 2 weeks ago. an example of why berlin always looks like a construction site. 3 years to build another hotel. as if berlin needed more… 


my grandmother is a fan of salamander shoes. 3 years ago, she saw one of the stores on Ku’damm but it was closed for inventory. since then, the store disappeared. sold. gone. now there are only 2 salamander stores in berlin. i was dragged to the one on friedrichstr.


my mother is convinced that all food in berlin is so wonderful. somehow i don’t think she got a representative sampling. some of the places we have eaten this past week:

restaurant 44 in swissotel
mr. hai and friends on savignyplatz
galeries lafayette – gourmet section
my house – gorgeous rabbit from frischeparadies
my in-laws’s place
and bier’s @ ku’damm 195 – surprisingly everyone liked currywurst

rabbit makes people of a certain age nostalgic. my great-grandma and my mother-in-law’s mom were remembered sweetly that night.

glad i don’t have to do that too often… i think next time they’ll come when it’s warm. those 2 days in august.


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