st. martin’s day

st. martin’s day

apparently, there’s a traditional german meal on november 11th, st. martin’s day. i’d never heard of this before so i thought it was a joke/excuse for a get-together when i was invited to a st. martin’s dinner last weekend.

this is how it was described to me: kind of like thanksgiving. i asked around and received a long-winded description in german which didn’t involved colonizers and the colonized. i tuned out most of it. something to do with lanterns and carnival

whatever we were celebrating, it involved a huge goose, red cabbage, potatoes, applesauce, dumplings and lots of red wine. it was all quite tasty. thanksgiving it wasn’t but a wonderful meal it was. it was all organized by a friend visiting from cologne, who is welcome to come and cook for us anytime. maybe he’ll come and do an early thanksgiving when my family is visiting.

for some reason, clubbing until 5 in the morning was a part of the celebration. that didn’t sound traditional to me so i skipped out early. next year, i’ll have my lantern ready.


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