new words

new words

i love words. i love dictionaries. new words are like recently opened Christmas presents, something to play with until broken.

in German, however, new words are more like an "educational" present from an aunt who doesn’t really know you too well. a present that makes you think so what am I going to do with that?  what is that? do i have to use that?

examples of the day:

Nudelholz/rolling pin
rolling out dough for noodles would be one of the many uses for a rolling pin. this is a fact. but then a rolling pin could also rightfully be called Kniebrecher.

breast wart. breast wart?!?

i have nothing else to add. i refuse to use this word.
and to think the person who explained this to me was laughing over the English term "belly button." as if belly wart would be better…


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