packages and neighbors

packages and neighbors

after living here over a year, i still haven’t met some of my neighbors. usually the same lovely people are at home when packages arrive and those are the neighbors i’ve met, in addition to the old lady who is perpetually cold. recently, she thought i was housekeeping for the bedridden woman who lives below us. the old lady has memory issues. she probably thinks her house is being invaded by black women since she can never seem to remember that we have already met before and yes, i close the door when i leave.

if a package somehow lands at an unknown neighbor, i usually get the once-over, a sort-of odd look up and down after the initial surprise, followed by an awkward head jerk to try and see the package slip.

since we don’t have mailboxes, i’m not sure why anyone is trying to see my package slip. how likely is it that a burglar (that would me) breaks into an apartment building, walks up to the 5th floor, breaks into the apartment, steals a package slip, walks down to the 3rd floor checking all of the doorbells and then calmly asks to collect the package? the package slip doesn’t have my picture on it and i’m not producing ID for a neighbor i didn’t even ask to take my mail in the first place… so all that is really unnecessary.

but it’s better than trekking over to hallesches ufer.

this package made me happy. books! just in time.

on beauty – zadie smith
the intelligent investor – benjamin graham
the namesake – jhumpa lahiri
a field guide to getting lost – rebecca solnit

the namesake is being made into a movie next year by mira nair with soundtrack by nitin sawhney. that’s my scoop for the day.


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