creative lifestyle financing, part II

creative lifestyle financing, part II

as i mentioned before, precarious is the key word.

the many stages of jobbing in berlin

motz: the last resort
luckily i have not had to sell this street newspaper yet

: babystep
mini-jobs galore. you don’t have to pay taxes; they don’t have to pay many taxes but you don’t get paid much either.

part-time job: slight improvement
a lawful part-time job is a very nice step up. vacation, health insurance, paid sick days and therefore the right to be urlaubsunfähig. i would never do that though. 

freelancing: income supplement
this is where it gets complicated. you need a tax number. the finanzamt people may be helpful or they just may not. you have to make estimates, create invoices. you start buying random things like printer paper so you can deduct them.

full-time freelancing: this is illegal
companies complain about germany’s stringent rules for hiring and firing so they resort to this alternative.

full-time job offer
: nirvana
i had one of these last week. luckily i did not sign anything committing me to the place that revealed itself to be an insane asylum during the last week.

unfortunately, this means i’m reconsidering selling motz.


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