wer ist deutschland?

wer ist deutschland?

i don’t know anyone who doesn’t make fun of the ridiculous du bist deutschland/you are Germany marketing campaign. i thought about the concept a bit more soberly last week when riding the U1.

on the U1, there are usually lots of school classes. maybe they are coming and going to the technik museum. who knows.

last week, on the way back from getting my tooth pulled, a group of kids scrambled into the metro car dashing for all of the available seats. a little girl, curly hair pushed back into a ponytail, was left standing. she reminded me of my middle cousin on my mother’s side when she was younger. she was a bit taller than the rest of the classmates and could reach the bar overhead to hold on by standing on her toes.

she made jokes about the dark haired boy a little further away and the rest of her white companions would laugh. you didn’t understand ? don’t you understand what I’m saying? the boy, the outsider, wrinkled up his face and kept silent.

the converstation changed and she proudly stated that her oma/grandma speaks plattdeutsch. and in her eyes and through her uncertain actions, she seemed to want to make it clear that she was not like the dark haired boy who couldn’t understand sophisticated 5th grade jokes. that she belonged. that despite her difference sie ist auch deutschland.

mein vater heisst mustafa. meine mutter heisst mustafa.
meine schwester heisst mustafa. meine 3 brĂ¼der heissen mustafa./my father’s name is mustafa. my mother’s name is mustafa. my sister’s name is mustafa. my 3 brothers are called mustafa.

she conjugated and the seated clique broke out in laughter. the little girl with the ponytail looked satisfied. the doors opened at kottbusser tor.

was she really trying to prove that she’s all Deutschland? maybe the marketing campaign had an effect and there are new insults on the playground: you are only 1/2 Goethe!

or is she really being raised and taught to be just as ignorant as the peanut gallery?

poor kids…

interestingly, the teacher said nothing to any of the children.

vielleicht weil sie auch Deutschland ist? or maybe it’s because "social-marketing" is neither education nor teacher training.


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