birthday weekend 05

all-kreuzberg birthday weekend

Für das kommende Lebensjahr wünschen wir dir viel Erfolg, Glück, Zufriedenheit und vor allem Gesundheit.

my first birthday e-wishes were from das Volunteer-Team der FIFA WM 2006TM

i found that funny at 3AM

when i think of birthday celebrations in germany, it’s a bit depressing.

in the states, birthdays mean cake and presents, a eulogy of individualism, a 24-hour exemption from routine mediocrity. birthdays, as one e-card reminded me, are like funerals where everyone sings the same song without a hymnbook. you celebrate the person, how wonderful they are, how much their sunny disposition or searing sarcasm brightens everyone’s day.

from my experience in berlin, the birthday concept is a bit skewed. i’ve observed at work you are expected to bake a cake or bring pastries for your colleagues on YOUR birthday. unless everyone has empty pockets, you may end up buying drinks for your friends and having to organize your own party. somehow i get the feeling that a birthday is about making up for the fact that you were born into the world, thereby increasing the burden on social security… so bake your own damn cake and buy me a beer.

the birthday weekend went like this:


the non-intended "present" – a real bonafide full-time job offer
baraka on lausitzer platz- famous molochia soup that makes all of your dreams come true
wiener blut – no birthday is complete without a disco ball and a kicker table
rote harfe/orient lounge – accidently locked in the bathroom – long story


full english breakfast at lunchtime
read birthday e-wishes, birthday phone calls
kaffee und kuchen – misunderstanding where nobody brought cake
le cochon bourgeois – gelebt wie Gott in Frankreich 


present unwrapping and prosecco
brunch at defne on planufer – hot – food is bangin, worth the 8 eur 
more cake and vacation story swapping

i think i celebrated enough for the next 5 years or so. i baked no cakes and i ate so much good food that i’ll have lots of memories when i get my last wisdom tooth out later this week and can only eat mush.


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