getting a wisdom tooth out is not urlaub (holiday/vacation).

i learned this and other things over the weekend. in some workplaces in germany, if you are sick during your holiday, this doesn’t have to count as holiday. you can get a krankschreibung (doctor’s note) during vacation and reschedule when you are in full enjoyment capacity.

nevermind that a krankschreibung states that you are arbeitsunfähig (unable to work) and not URLAUBSunfähig.

sounds like something to put on merkel’s agenda

so i’m not on holiday but i did get the 3rd wisdom tooth out. the rest of the day is mine to be in pain. it’s a holiday in the states. maybe that counts for something.

in between waiting for the big one to get pulled, unten rechts, i’m adjusting to working in charlottenburg 5 days a week. bye bye bergmannstr. bye bye berlin blogger.

charlottenburg is special. as in i’d rather not spend much time there.

the other day, i was eating lunch on a city bench. two charlottenburg bums to my right.

they were enjoying one of many afternoon beers, not lunch, while discussing how lovely paris is. the laissez faire attitude. that you can sleep outside of gare du nord and not get hassled by the police. not like in berlin! high class bums. i wouldn’t have been surprised if they had Louis Vuitton coasters for the beer cans. they were sitting across from the institut francais, of course.

in paris they say boulot metro dodo or the other way around. either way, that’s what i’ve been doing.

plus the whole wisdom teeth thing.

and mudd club last friday night… nomad sound system. i’m telling yall they are good. i don’t even like mudd club but i still went to see them. seriously check them out. i contemplated becoming a groupie for a second but then i would have to buy one of their 10 eur t-shirts. back to work for me.


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