over the weekend, i made my way up north, far out on the U2 to check out the olympic stadium. little did i know that thousands of marathoners, ballons and all, were participating in a breakfast run that ended up at the same place that day. the U-Bahn was crazily crowded and it seemed as if i was the only person not wearing lycra.

i was out there to find out what it takes to be a volunteer for the 2006 world cup. adjectives like communicative, welcoming, open, and discreet seemed to be high on the list of volunteer qualities. across the little partition, i could hear another person being interviewed, who was describing how a football fan gene that obviously causes overexcitement ran in her family.

on the to do list – actually go inside the stadium one day.

i did find out some semi-secret WM game info which made the trip worth it in the short-term. however, my lips are sealed. discretion is golden!


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