around the neighborhood

around the neighborhood

saddest news of the month: temporary closing of deniz on kottbusser damm. hopefully it opens up just as it was or better. the place you can run around the corner to when you forgot to buy coconut milk or some other random item. instead of fabric stands on market day, now they are trying to sell dsl packages. on graefestr., you can peek in a see the sad shell of the building and reminisce.

worst service of the month: zitrone, ecke graefestr./dieffenbachstr. dunno what you have to do to get a kirschschaftschörle around there. apparently ordering one is not enough. first something arrived that looked suspiciously like an apfelschörle. i knew i had said kirschsaftschörle because it’s ridiculously hard for me to pronounce right or say 10 times fast. when that was taken back i got nothing in return, while the other 3 people i was with enjoyed their coffees. glad i was close to home. (this was a good month)

openings: after the fat lady’s mysterious disappearance from graefestr., cafe sisk has taken over the chalkboard. whether they are open or not is kind of unclear. the door is open so you can see the turkish flag hanging but there is never any life form visible. other than that, i dunno what goes on behind the frosted windows.

over on körtestr., open for about a month or so, la maison rouge. looks nice. i hear it’s nice. so stop by… and find out.

coming through the neighborhood on sunday:  the berlin marathon, down kottbusser damm to hermannplatz.


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