on voting
when i lived in new york, the community room at the bottom of our building was used as a voting hall on election days. people would line up early in the morning to get in their voting before they went to work. when i lived in philly, voting took place in my building’s basement. one of the volunteers thought it was ok to have a bible laid out next to her miniature american flag. this year, since we have three schools in the area, i got to live next to another voting hall but it wasn’t that exciting. no lines or anything.

the only exciting thing would be the miniscule possibility of saying i live in Germaica for however many years i end up living here.

living through moments of political change or stagnation abroad, i’m always bewildered that people don’t seem to have a grasp on their own country’s basic laws. usually people pretend it’s just americans who have that problem. all in all, it’s a bit strange to be asked: so are you voting? are you German now?

perhaps when it doesn’t affect someone personally, there’s no need to be bothered with the difference between citizen, resident from a non-EU member state, resident from an EU-member state, spouse of a resident from an EU-member or non-EU member state, asylum seeker, illegal dual national, or just plain illegal, oops – overstayed a visa for 3 years. in fact, when i wanted to find comprehensive information for Germany, i found the most thoroughly organized information on a sex workers site. but somehow i think those are quite fundamental things to learn. maybe even before you get to tackle the proportional representation: how it works chapter. i think some people (major party leaders included) were absent from school that day too.


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